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National League Round - Lakers beat Lausanne, ZSC beats Ajoie - Sport

National League Round – Lakers beat Lausanne, ZSC beats Ajoie – Sport

  • The Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers humiliated Lausanne 7-0 at home in the 36th round of the National League.
  • The ZSC Lions do not give Ajoie a chance with a score of 8-2.
  • Leaders Freiburg not naked in the second leg against the SCL Tigers and win 5:1.
  • Converts Lugano 1:3 to 6:4 against Davos.

Lakers – Lausanne 7:0

3 games, 9 points: Rapperswil Jonas’s record against Lausanne reads perfectly even after the third direct duel this season. Captain Andrew Rowe led the hosts to the winning path in the eighth minute. The Lakers had their best stint in the midsection, when they literally played Voodoo against the wall. Rosenstädter shot only 7 times in the case of Luca Boltshauser, but sometimes guests were tired in their own area.

David Ebecher took advantage of one of these pressure phases to rise to 2-0 with a shot in the 27th minute. Yannick Lennart Albrecht made it 3-0 after mid-match for the preliminary decision. Lausanne had nothing to tackle in the third trimester except for an unpleasant fight by Cody Almond (with Nando Egenberger). On the contrary: Sandro Forer, Zach Mitchell (2) and Yannick Bruschweiler made the runaway perfect.

ZSC Lions – Ajoie 8: 2

Looks like Natty’s break was good for the Lions. Just over 24 hours later, the Zurich team went on to achieve a convincing 5:1 success on Sunday in Davos with 8:2 against Ajoie. For their part, the Jurassic scored their tenth defeat in a row. ZSC did not leave any doubts about the outcome of the game. After only 11 minutes, the goals of Maxim Noru, Patrick Gering and Denis Malgin were 3-0 in favor of the candidate. After all, Philippe brought Michael DeVos Ajoie to 1:3 shortly before the first siren sounded.

However, early in the middle third, the taillight problems started again. Marcus Krüger, Kyen Sopa and Justin Azevedo were raised to 6:1 within 4 minutes. Shortly after mid-match, Sven Andregueto was also allowed to join the scorers. Reto Schmutz scored again the honorary goal of Jura in the 38th minute. The last point of the duel by Marco Pedretti was 8:2 in the 41st minute. From the ZSC side, Andrighetto and Malgin each managed to score 4 points (1 goal and 3 assists each).

Freiburg – Tigers SCL 5:1

Gutron is back from where he left off after the national team break. Against Langnau, the captain safely took his fifth victory. The fans at the Freiburg Arena had to wait until the 18th minute before they could cheer for the first time. Julian Springer, who came back after breaking the injury, defeated Tiger’s goalkeeper Robert Mayer at the near post. In the second half, the host team fell 3-0 through hits from Killian Mutit (22) and Ryan Gunderson (36).

Finally after 4-0 by Nathan Marchon in the 46th minute, Mass was read. Sebastian Schilt scored the consolation goal (49), but once again Saanestädter was responsible for the last point. Marchon made a great combo to make it 5-1 with 109 seconds left.