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National League Round - Davos progress - Playoff tickets to be decided on Monday - Sports

National League Round – Davos progress – Playoff tickets to be decided on Monday – Sports

SCL Tigers – Davos 3: 7

Team Davos celebrated a very important victory in the battle for the qualification to the final and advanced from seventh to fifth place. Emmentaler wasn’t necessarily Grisons’ favorite opponent this season, Davos “only” won 2 of 4 matches. The fifth standoff was tough until the halfway mark, then Matthias Bromme, Mate Stransky and Julian Schmutz secured a 4-1 lead in about 5 minutes. Then it seemed to me that the second goal for Broome meant the decision before the break. Alexei Sarella and Jesper Olofsson managed to close the difference again, but Stransky has made it all clear with his 24th and 25th goals this season. HCD meets Friborg-Gottéron at his home in the final round on Monday.

Biel – Train 3: 2 Next

Thanks to Tony Raggala, Bale still has good cards in the show for the playoffs. The Finn fired on Sealanders after 29 seconds in overtime to beat Zug. After 5 straight defeats, the Bale people got back in time to their winning ways and defended their place above the top streak. In the original time, all four goals were scored in third place. Carl Klingberg gave Zug the lead in the 22nd minute with a fine shot into the top corner. In the final stage of the second division, events turned around after that. Rajala and Damien Brunner brought the timer spinning within 71 seconds. After another 29 seconds, Sven Senner tied again. Finally, the residents of Belle welcome the city of Lugano on Monday.

Geneva – Lausanne 3: 2 nP

It was a small setback for Lausanne. Due to the 2:3 defeat after penalty shootouts at Geneva Servet, the first bankruptcy after 6 consecutive wins, the Vaud people slipped from fifth to seventh place, but they are still just like Bill. Geneva moved up twice thanks to goals from Noah Rudd and Tanner Richard. Christophe Bercchi and Ken Jagger managed to equalize for the guests. Henrik Tömmernes and Tyler Moy succeeded in the penalty shootout for Geneva. Thanks to the extra point, Yan Kedio’s seventh-placed team came close to Lausanne. While Geneva is guests in Langenau on Monday, Lausanne is far from Berne.

The final round in the battle for ranks 5 and 6

open box
close the box

Davos (85 points, 50 games).
vs Freiburg (H)

Bale (84 points, 50 games).
vs. Lugano (H)

Lausanne (84 points, 50 games).
vs Bern (A)

Geneva (85 points, 51 games).
VS SCL Tiger (A)

ZSC Lions – Lugano 5:4 Next

The duel between Zurich and Ticino is no longer about playoffs. The Lions are strong in the top six, and Luganese definitely has to play in the preliminary matches. However, both teams provided an entertaining exchange of blows. First of all, ZSC converted their early 0:2 delay into a 3:2 lead in the 29th minute thanks to goals by Dominic Deem, John Quinville and Dario Troutman. But Lugano did not give up. Marc Arcopello and Luca Fazini turned things around again in the final third. It shouldn’t be the last. 4 minutes before the end, Patrick Gering saved the Lions in overtime. There he met Dennis Hollenstein for a fourth win in the fourth duel with HCL.

Lakers – Ajoy 5:0

In the fifth duel of the season with Ajoie, Rapperswil-Jona kept the better finish to himself. On the way to a 5-0 landslide victory, the rookie team sometimes provided good help to St. Gallen. With goals 1-0 and 5-0, Tim Wolff’s goalkeeper Ajoi didn’t particularly appear.