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National League. Hexathlon for three places in the top six.

About a quarter has yet to be played in the National League and the table shows clear contours. Three teams can plan the playoffs, and six compete for three other direct places in the playoffs.

The ZSC Lions and Friborg-Gottéron are the two biggest losers of the weekend in the fight for a spot in the playoffs, each with just one point, each playing “home-and-away matches” against the same opponent. There is only six points difference between fourth place (ZSC) and ninth place (Zug), even though the defending champion has played one game less. After an unfortunate Champions League semi-final exit, the champions began their race to catch up with two victories over Friborg.

The ZSC Lions (38 matches / 63 points), Davos (37/62), Friborg (38/62), Kloten (39/59), Bern (40/59) and Zug (37/57) should occupy the three spots. Still entitled to direct qualification for the quarter-finals. SCB got on the curve in their first win away at Davos after four defeats, while ZSC Lions’ bankruptcy streak grew to six matches. They haven’t been this bad since 2004, and they’ve never had a seven-game losing streak since the playoffs began in 1985.

The Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers, who finished third with two convenient victories against tail light Ajoie, may have said goodbye to this fight. Leaders Geneva Servet and Biel can also plan with qualifying. Thanks to two successes in the two biggest battles, the Geneva team is now five points ahead of the nearest pursuers.

Behind Zug and in front of Ajoie, a four-way battle rages on with a master prize and a void. Ambry-Piotta (39/50), Lugano (49/38), SCL Tigers (38/46) and Lausanne (39/45) are fighting for the 10th place and thus jumping into the pre-qualifiers on the one hand, and against on the other a fall In the match against Ajoie. Lugano and especially Lausanne, the biggest disappointments of the season so far, improved their situation on Friday and Saturday with two victories.


1. Geneva – Servette 39/80. 2. Bell 40/75. 3. Rapperswil – Jonah Lakers 39/70. 4. ZSC Lions 38/63. 5- Davos 37/62. 6 – Friborg – Gutron 38/62. 7 – Clotin 39/59. 8- Bern 40/59. Movement nine 37/57. 10- Umbrella-buta 39/50. 11- Lugano 38/49. 12- SCL Tigers 38/46. 13- Lausanne 39/45. 14. Ajoy 41/36.

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