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National League Friday - O'Neill fires champion Zug to win in Berne - Sport

National League Friday – O’Neill fires champion Zug to win in Berne – Sport

  • Champion Zug kicked off his new season in the National League with a 2-1 win in overtime at Berne Stadium.
  • Embry initially stunned and snatched two points from Freiburg.
  • Bale wins a very balanced match in Lausanne.

Bern – Train 1: 2 Next

With Colton Sevier making 1-1 in the 53rd minute, the home team was rewarded with a particularly fierce display. Berne was more than just controlling Zug, especially in the first third, but he couldn’t find a way to bypass Leonardo Genone. In the second half, the visitors improved significantly and advanced through Christian Degos in the 24th minute. SCB was denied one goal in each of the second and third half. After Byrne equalized, both teams had the opportunity to finish the match in normal time. Eventually, however, additional time had to be fixed, and in this the master held the reins. Peter Cehlarik fired Brian O’Neill, who gave Philip Wüthrich no chance in 1v1.

Freiburg – Embry 1: 2 then

Gutron threw high efficiency into the business at the start of the season. 35 shots on the opponent’s goal resulted in only one goal, the temporary equalizer in the middle third by Killian Mutt with a double majority (25). Embry goalkeeper Benjamin Koons switched his colors to extra time, as Dario Burgler dribbled past Freiburg and Reto Pera scored to make it 2-1.

Geneva – Davos 3: 2 nP

10 penalty shootouts It started in penalty shootouts, only Vincent Brablan was successful. The former SCB striker found a way to pass Sandro Eichlemann with a backhand and secure an extra point for Geneva Servet. The host team started better and was 2-0 ahead until the 23rd minute. However, HCD came back in third place with two goals from Leon Prestedt (31) and Simon Knack (36).

Lausanne – Bell 2: 3

Also in the duel between Vaud and Seeländer, it was a new signing that decided the match. Jesper Olofsson, last season’s top scorer with Tigers SCL, took advantage in the 45th minute of a failed trip by Lausanne goalkeeper Tobias Stephan to score the decisive 3:2 goal for the visitors. Lausanne and Biel met at eye level throughout the match. Bill’s folks eventually kept the better end to themselves.

SCL Tigers – ZSC Lions 2: 1 aet

The ZSC failed to respond to the 4-1 defeat to the Lakers on Wednesday. Although the Lions got their first Emmental point, they had to leave the ice a second time as losers. That’s because Vili Saarijärvi is within the much-acclaimed bonus point for the Tigers after 32 seconds of extra time. In the normal 60 minutes, Dean Kokan gave the lead (12), and German Mark Michaelis tied 1-1 (17).

Lugano – Agoi 1-0

Even the strong Damiano Ciaccio (35 saves) on goal was not enough for Agui to win a point in Ticino. Lugano dominated the match in the Arena corner almost as he liked but failed to transfer dominance to the scoreboard. However, newcomer Kaley Anderson’s fifth-minute goal was enough to win the three points. Lugano’s driver Mikko Koskinen celebrated his first lockout in the first half (17 saves).