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National Assembly Committee Speaks Against Closures

National Assembly Committee Speaks Against Closures

Is there another closure soon? Not if the relevant National Assembly committee has its way.

The basics in brief

  • The Federal Council must provide 2G at most, it is the decision of the responsible NR committee.
  • The closure of restaurants, bars, discos or indoor swimming pools goes too far here.

The National Council’s Social Security and Health Committee rejects the closures from restaurantsbars discos or indoor swimming pools. the Federal Council In the event of an unfavorable development of the epidemic, emphasis should be placed on reducing contacts, for example in schools or on public transport.

the Federal Council It should offer 2G at most. This is what was published in the newspaper published on Monday evening Answer from SGK-N To consult last Friday from Federal Council Introduce more measures.

In addition, however, no tests or mask requirements should be required for access, for example, to cultural, sports and recreational facilities or restaurants.

Certification recommendation for internal meetings

For private meetings with family and friends with more than five people inside, the Federal Council According to SGK-N we highly recommend using a certificate. the Federal Council It should focus on measures to limit contacts in schools or on public transport.

Committee calls Federal Council Also to give the cantons clear instructions on which tests should be carried out in primary and secondary schools as soon as the first positive case appears.

Finally, the Commission calls for Federal Council To adapt the Hardship Procedures Ordinance. Compensation must be calculated annually to cover all or part of fixed costs and not just once for the duration of the crisis.

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