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Nati manager Pierluigi Tammy has been scoring high with Switzerland at the Qatar World Cup

Natty manager Pierluigi Tami describes the quarter-final as a goal

“The best World Cup in our history”

Pierluigi Tammy (61 years old) is not a man of big words. But the day after moving to the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Doha, the national manager did not utter his words: “We want to achieve the best Swiss World Cup result!”


Nati’s manager Pierluigi Tammy and the team have high goals.


Christian FinkbeinerFootball coach

Better than 1954, when Switzerland lost 5: 7 to Austria in the quarter-finals of the World Cup at home? “That was a different era,” Ticino says and laughs. The Nati manager does not want to set any limits for his team and makes it clear: the goal is the quarter-finals.

Tammy remembers 2006, when the Swiss national team was not ready after a strong preliminary run and reached their goal in the round of 16 against Ukraine. “It’s a mental thing. If you’ve planned a trip of more than 1,000 km, you’ll be able to manage a little less than 1,000 km, but no more. But if you’ve planned 1,500 km, there’s no problem with 1,000 km.”