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NASA's rover enjoys the sunrise on Mars

NASA’s rover enjoys the sunrise on Mars

insight It is not easy. Compared to her famous peers perseverance And cleverness He leads a mysterious life.

It also doesn’t move around much. Since it’s a lander, it’s been a year since it landed on Mars 2018 in the same place. The digging experience provided a bit of variety HP3. Instead of the planned 5 meters in a few weeks, the “Mole” was able to reach the soil of Mars only half a meter by January 2021. The experiment was announced at this point.

Despite this, InSight is holding its ground and listening to Mars to measure earthquakes. One reason to persevere is the sunrise on Mars. on Twitter NASA He posted a GIF for InSight showing the sunrise on April 10th.

“I can never get enough of the sunrise on Mars. Every morning, the dot climbs high in the sky, giving me the energy to listen to the bang under my feet for another day.”

In January 2022, there was already a fear that InSight would not see the sunrise anymore. After a sandstorm, he entered safe mode because dust covered his solar panels. However, on February 15, NASA was able to announce that InSight had recovered and returned to service.

However, his days seem numbered. NASA expects that the InSight program will continue to conduct science measurements through the summer. In the December 2022 InSight will then be turned off.