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NASA wants to carry out two missions to Venus

NASA wants to carry out two missions to Venus

NASA plans two missions to Venus over the next 10 years. These should help understand why a neighboring planet is so hostile to life.

The basics in brief

  • NASA wants to go to Venus.
  • The two missions are planned between 2028 and 2030.
  • About $500 million is available each.

The US space agency NASA Planning two new missions on the neighboring planet Venus. DaVinci+ and Veritas are set to blast off toward the second deepest planet in the solar system between 2028 and 2030. This was announced by NASA on Wednesday.

The development will cost 500 million each dollar made available. DaVinci+ is supposed to examine the atmospheres of Earth-like celestial bodies. A mapping of Venus was planned with “Veritas”.

The mission should provide information about Venus

These are the first missions to Venus since 1978. They should create greater knowledge about why Venus turned into one These are hostile planets with extreme temperatures.

This planet would have been the “first habitable world in the solar system” a long time ago. Maybe you have a circumference. The basic requirements will actually be very similar to those of Land.

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