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NASA publishes an audio recording of the Mars flight for the first time

NASA publishes an audio recording of the Mars flight for the first time

This was announced by the US space agency NASA. The “persistent” rover, in which the small helicopter landed on Mars in February, recorded sounds with one of its microphones on its fourth “creativity” flight at the end of April. According to NASA, this is the first image taken by a spacecraft on another planet of another spacecraft.

However, “creativity” cannot be heard well, because the “perseverance” recorded from about 80 meters away, and the tender atmosphere of Mars and winds dampen and drown out aircraft noise. But even the little that can be heard is a “very good surprise” and “a gold mine for a further understanding of the Martian atmosphere,” said scientist David Maimon.

Explore climate and geology

“Perseverance” (German: Stamina) had previously sent audio recordings of his landing, his laser test and a flight over Mars to Earth. At the end of February – after 203 days of flight and 472 million kilometers of travel – the rover and “Creativity” landed with a risky maneuver in a dry Martian lake called “Jiezero Crater”.

It took eight years to develop and build the $ 2.5 billion rover. He is supposed to research traces of past microbial life on Mars and research the climate and geology of the planet.

Creativity first took off on April 19, making it the first plane to fly to another planet. Since then, the helicopter has already taken off three times. His mission, which was originally scheduled to last about 30 days, was initially extended by about 30 days.