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Nancy Pelosi Unity – Can’t go into politics

Nancy Pelosi Unity – Can’t go into politics

Unity should no longer be allowed: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, at a press conference here on May 19.

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Nancy Pelosi, a Roman Catholic American congresswoman, has been banned from attending the sacrament of Unity in her own diocese in San Francisco because she supports legal abortion. According to media reports, the Conservative Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvador Cardillion, issued the order on Friday. As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pelosi is one of America’s top politicians.

The Catholic News Agency On Friday afternoon, May 19, the Archbishop declared in a letter to the Democratic Party of California, “If you do not publicly withdraw your support for abortion rights or publicly express your Catholic faith and obtain sacred unity, you have no choice but to declare yourself canonical. You will not “.

According to the agency, Cardillion described his act as “pastoral”, not political. Magazine published by the Jesuit Order in the United States United States Archbishop quoted, Arguing for Pelosi’s legal abortion is increasingly “serious” and aggressive. Received Pope Francis Pelosi in October 2021 at the Vatican.

The move targets US President Joe Biden

For months, the American Roman Catholic Church has been debating whether to ban unity for public Catholics who oppose abortion. The focus is particularly on US President Joe Biden, who also supports legitimization of incumbent Catholics.

USA: Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvador Cardillion, at the Easter Conference in April 2020.

Salvador Cardillion, Archbishop of San Francisco, at the Easter Conference in April 2020.

(Photo: Jeff Chiu / AB)

By canon, local bishops determine whether certain believers in their diocese are prevented from gaining unity. Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Washington, was in the information service before Biden took office. Catholic News Service The politician promised that he would be allowed to get unity.

Pelosi often mentions his beliefs when explaining his position in favor of abortion rights. “I’m been here as a Catholic mother for six years and five children a week. Glad we understood that,” she said. The New York Times According to In the House of Representatives last year he voted in favor of the bill. “But my husband and I – knowing that this is our decision, this is our decision. And we should not make decisions for women in this group or in this court in the United States.”

Pelosi continued to criticize his church for turning the abortion issue into a members’ litmus test. “They want to kick me out,” he said at an event in March. “But I did not go because I did not want to entertain them.”