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Nadine Vanderich and Jovian Heidegger in eighth place

Nadine Vanderich and Jovian Heidegger in eighth place

Nadine Wondrich missed the final in the classic sprint race in Oberstdorf and ended up in eighth place. Jovian Heidegger also comes in eighth.

The basics in brief

  • Nadine Wondrich and Jovian Heidegger each finished eighth in the Oberstdorf race.
  • Johannes Klapow wins the men’s, Natalia Nebragywa wins the women’s.

Nadine Fondrich of central Switzerland missed the final due to her swaying in the semi-finals upon relegation to the finish line. This uncertainty took the momentum away from her. More than 4th place in the semi-finals and 8th final place is no longer possible.

Nadine Wondrich won the silver medal at the World Championships on the same track

Almost a year ago, she won the world championship silver medal in the team sprint on the same road with skate beams.

Jovian Hediger, unlike Nadine Fähndrich, was ranked as classically stronger than figure skating, and ranked eighth.

The search for a partner for the team at the Olympic Games in Beijing is still in demand for the French-speaking Swiss. There this discipline is run classically. In Oberstdorf nobody imposed, the second best Swiss was Cyril Vanderich in 38th place.

Tour leader Jesse Diggins, the race winner initially in Leicesterheide, withdrew from the quarter-finals after falling through no fault of her own. Frieda Carlson, of all people, caused havoc with a quick change of course. The co-candidate from Sweden was severely punished for this apparent error. In addition to her landing to 30th place, she had 3 minutes in the overall standings.

The young Swede will not be able to achieve the prestigious overall victory until next year. New Russian Natalia Nebragywa in the lead.

In the men’s general standings, Johannes Husflut Klebow extended the lead. The Norwegian won the race with confidence, and Alexander Bolshunov missed the final push by two hundred. In the standings, the Russian was already behind by 1:19 minutes.

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