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Nadal completes milestone with Australia victory – Magazin Sport News –

Nadal is now the only major record holder.
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Spain’s Rafael Nadal broke the record on Sunday and also set the record for most wins by winning the Australian Open.

Despite trailing 2-0 in sets against 25-year-old Russian Danil Medvedev, the 35-year-old celebrated 2-6.6-7 (5) -6-4-6-4-7-5. 21st place in the game. Time to graduate from the Grand Slam tournament. After a long injury, Novak overtook Djokovic and Roger Federer.

Nadal took a break and worked 6: 4

The 25-year-old Medvedev actually set the stage with a 3: 2 lead in the first set. He won the first round 6: 2, very safely, and Nadal broke him 3: 1 to put him on the defensive for the first time in the second round. Medvedev went back from 3: 5 to the tie-break, which in his view was a success. A banner read, “Refugees must abolish detention.” Security forces immediately shielded the finalists and arrested the individual.

Nadal did not give up the historic achievement. The third set was tied at 4: 4, with Nadal finally making the break and exchanging 6: 4. The fourth movement was not only with one’s own body, but also with a fight of nerves. Again, Medvedev fought with the audience, which was clearly on the Nadal side.

Nadal beat it 2-1, and after Medvedev’s re-break broke the Russian players’ serve again to tie it at 3-2. With a 4: 3 lead, he countered two breakballs, scored 5: 3 and finally received a set ball as a receiver. The game still went to Medvedev’s side, but Nadal finally returned to the match with a zero service game.

Very dramatic finish

In the final set, Medvedev blocked the break 2-2, conceding only 2-3. The Russian defended himself, resulting in three breakballs, but was 2: 4 behind, unable to use anything. The following games went to the respective servers before Nadal showed decisive nerve and dual error. Medvedev converted the first breakball 5: 5 to ensure a dramatic result. But Nadal remained calm, taking the opponent’s serve back and using the first match ball after 5:24.

Nadal not only overtook the 40-year-old Federer, who went missing in Australia after knee surgery, but also wanted to return to touring in the summer. He was ahead of Djokovic in the rankings of major titles, and he expelled himself from the game because of his exciting entry and unwillingness to vaccinate before the start of the tournament.