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Mystery surrounds the life of the former First Lady

Mystery surrounds the life of the former First Lady

Having been the First Lady of the White House, Melania Trump, 52, lives a very secluded life in Florida. While her husband, Donald Trump, 76, was sued over hush money payments, Melania stayed in the background.

An insider has now described his impression of the former model to People magazine. Melania is completely focused on her son, Barron (17). It’s all about her and Melania’s “good mom.” Her parents, who also live in the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, support her in raising her.

In addition to her family, Melania Trump has few friends. Source: “Several Mar-a-Lago Club members and others know and see Melania. But they are not friends.”

You will not meet, talk or communicate with others. “She always surrounded herself with her family.”

A New York socialite who knew Melania before she married Donald explains, “None of us really knew her then or now.”

The insider said Melania Trump wouldn’t make it derail. “Of course she’s worried about the legal issues,” and her world still revolves around Barron. That’s what matters to her: “She always put him first.”