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"MyField" with a capacity of 45,000 fans

“MyField” with a capacity of 45,000 fans

Recently, Iris Spranger, a senator for internal affairs, digitization and sport in Berlin, called for a football stadium for Hertha, which should stand on the edge of Maifeld and provide space for 45,000 fans. After summer vacation, you’ll want to oversee the mentoring and project group you’ve formed.

The senator from the Berlin Ministry of the Interior, Iris Spranger, has also made the stadium issue at Hertha Berlin the responsibility of his boss. The SPD politician announced on Friday at the Sports Committee of the House of Representatives in Berlin that she would convene a steering group and projects that she would lead. It is scheduled to be held in Parliament after the summer recess. “I am convinced that Hertha should have a football field,” Spranger said.

In the long-running controversy over the location of a pure football stadium for the Berlin Bundesliga club, it built a building on the edge of Maifeld a few weeks ago. This would of course be smaller, not as big as the Olympic stadium next door.

Stadium design details

Hertha managing director Ingo Schiller has provided details of a possible new stadium for Lindenk. It was originally planned to have a capacity of 55,000 spectators. The current design of the so-called “MyField” based on Maifeld has a capacity of 45,000 fans.

For international matches, under the specified conditions, 36,500 fans can go to the new stadium, which has to rely a little on the legendary “bomponera” stadium of Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires: in order to maintain interference in a small Maifeld structure, the south side cannot be designed Only half deep.