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“My wife was against it”: Granit Xhaka denies rumour

“My wife was against it”: Granit Xhaka denies rumour

Granit Xhaka with his wife Leonetta.


In an interview with The Athletic, Granit Xhaka spoke, among other things, about his move from Arsenal to Leverkusen, with which he is said to have fulfilled his wife’s wish. Rumor that the captain of the national team does not let go.

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  • Granit Xhaka moved from Arsenal to Leverkusen in the summer. It was said in many places at the time that his wife was the driving force behind the change.
  • Xhaka now says clearly that this claim is not true. On the contrary: his wife would have preferred to remain in London, but she supported him.
  • Xhaka has never lost with Leverkusen. However, the 31-year-old remains humble, at least he has not declared that the championship title is his goal.

In the summer of this year, Granit Xhaka moved from Arsenal to Bayer Leverkusen after seven years. In his final season, he was allowed to dream of the championship title for a long time, but in the end Manchester City lifted the cup. This is also why Xhaka is currently cautious when Bayer Leverkusen suddenly become the favorites for the Bundesliga title. While he scores top goals as a national player, he is more humble at the club.

It was surprising that he left Arsenal in the summer after his best season with the Gunners. He would have played in the Champions League with Arsenal and perhaps could have had a say in the Championship race. From the outside, the move to Leverkusen was a sporting relegation. Very few people expected Werkself to be at the top of the league.

Granit Xhaka’s wife preferred to stay in London

But Xhaka and company showed it to everyone. Even before the final round of the match, it was clear that Leverkusen would bid farewell to the winter break as first in the standings. By the way, coach Xabi Alonso’s team reached the quarter-finals of the German Cup and in the Europa League, Bayer confidently qualified for the round of 16 thanks to six victories in six matches.

Since Xhaka signed for Bayer, his side have won 20 of 22 matches in all competitions – and have never lost. Bayer only lost points to Bayern Munich (2:2) and Dortmund (1:1). And of course Xhaka, as a thinker and leader in central midfield, has his share of upside.

Leverkusen fans probably have his wife Leonetta to thank for making Granit one of their own. She is said to have promoted change, as has been said time and time again. But it is precisely this rumor that Xhaka has now put to rest once and for all. “To be honest, she was against it. Not against us going to Leverkusen, but against us leaving London. Once you live in London, you want to stay there – especially with your family,” says the father of two daughters born in London.

However, his wife did not put any obstacles in his way, but supported him completely, as did his two children. Because they all saw the “plan behind it.”

In the Interview with “The Athletic” Xhaka also talks about his personal maturation process, how coaches like Mikel Arteta or his current coach, Xabi Alonso, are making him better and how important discipline and commitment are within the team.