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My mom reveals the secret of the unfaithful ex

Latest example: Iris Klein reveals the secret that she and her husband never had children together. In advance: This is a very intimate detail!

“I no longer have a womb,” Daniela Katzenberger’s mother, 36, said on her Instagram story on Wednesday. “But I didn’t say Peter was sterilized at the same time.”

I was surprised that this statement was so big in the media. “I don’t know where the problem is or who has a problem with it,” said the famous lady.

Apparently, Peter’s alleged relationship with her was an issue with this revelation. Because in her Instagram story, she accuses the cat mom of lying: “One brick of many lies. You don’t believe anyone who lies.”

Iris Cline accuses Peter of cheating on her during her jungle camp with 41-year-old Yvonne Wolke. Daniela Katzenberger’s stepfather confirms that he fell in love with Yvonne, but nothing happened. But he admitted to kissing after arriving in Germany.

and a house? He has recently been following his alleged relationship with Yvonne Woelke (41) on Instagram. Iris noticed that too. “You can all see who Peter has been following, running after, or panting after since yesterday,” she says.