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“My father had nothing to lose in the wild camp”

“That’s Boot” star Martin Semmelroge is said to be a candidate for the 16th season of Jungle Camp.null / I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here! / 16


Ronja Pryor

The beginning was good. It has begun Wild camping not yet. Nevertheless, Martin Semmelroj caused the first scandal of the RTL program (January 13 to 9:30 p.m.): he did not board the plane as planned. Australia.

Now fans are wondering: Is he still coming? What does this have to do with his criminal record – including theft, forgery and drunken driving? Only RTL says: “There are production-related reasons for Martin Semmelrogge’s late arrival.”

WAdson spoke to his son, Dustin Semmelrock, who is currently playing a stripper at a theater in Braunschweig. He explains exactly how his father eats and what traits cause him difficulties.

Dustin Semmelroge at the premiere of Glorious Times at Filmfest.  Cologne, 04/23/2018 *** Dustin Semmelroge at the premiere of Gorgeous Times at Filmfest Cologne 23 04 2018 ...

Dustin Semmelroge became an actor just like his father.Image: Imago Images / C. Hart

Watson: Your father, Martin Semmelroge, has finally gone into the woods. Do you know why he left late?

Dustin Bread Row: No you have to ask RTL about that. These are internal problems.

When was the last time you heard from him?

We asked each other a while ago. We talk to each other often.

How does he feel about camp?

He wants it. I guess my father had nothing to lose in the jungle camp. He has an image that stays with him. There he played the king of the jungle but to people he will always be the “Das Boot” actor. In that sense, it’s good for him. He’s at an age where he can now and wants to take whatever comes with him. He likes a challenge – he has it funny Your turn.

“But he’s really ready for it and he’s excited to get out there.”

Has he always wanted to go wild camping?

I will have to ask my father about that. But he won’t answer the question about his biggest dream to go camping. He said this is a challenge for him. Of course he wouldn’t do it for free. He gets a good salary. So good for him. But he is really ready for it and happily goes there.

What do you think he looks like?

I think he will do well in wild camp. My father has thick skin and relatively stable nerves. He didn’t allow himself to be disturbed—by any of the other campers, or by the entire situation he now faced. He will do his thing without getting stressed.

Martin Semmelroge.  Use of program-related content is permitted only when specifically linking to RTL+.

Martin Semmelroge has already participated in one reality show or the other.Image: rtl

Does he have traits that make him difficult?

Of course, my father is a special character. Otherwise he wouldn’t be Martin Semmelweis. He is already a boy. And others have to deal with it. He is straight forward and says what he thinks. When I say he does his thing, I certainly mean he doesn’t allow me to interfere. It doesn’t mean he’s going to cause trouble or get away with it. But if anyone makes a fool of him or upsets him, he or she must consider that my father will not tolerate it. Otherwise, my father is a very sociable and loving person.

“My dad’s not really a bad guy.”

Many wonder if Martin Semmelweis didn’t adapt enough.

That’s what they want from RTL. So their presence is good for the show. But I think there will be completely different characters than my father. Whether they are fans or Instagram stars. Such candidates often propel themselves through action. My father is not really a bad person.

Having been a contestant yourself in the first season in 2004, you know the jungle. What things might your father struggle with?

Due to the narrow nature of the camp, he may have problems. There is no substitute for you, you are always among people. My father usually rests for a few minutes during the day. He likes to be alone from time to time. Also the weather and that Climate It might be difficult. This is the forest, these are completely different temperatures. It is not without.

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These stars want to reach for the crown this year.Image: RTL

What else could be his downfall?

Of course the food situation. There is literally nothing to eat there – until one of the candidates succeeds in the jungle trial. So for all candidates it’s not too much food – it just gets on your nerves. It is something completely different than “Big Brother”. Most of what comes out of it, you can physically see that it is a difficult process.

“Now he has to deal with it.”

Your father is also not the youngest candidate. Is he good enough for the forest?

He is fit. But it’s different when you’re 25. As you get older it becomes easier for you to bear such things. That is why he tries to rest from time to time. It will be interesting to see how well it works.

What advice can you give your father in advance?

Of course, we’ve talked about that before. But my father has an idea and he wants to do it. After nearly 20 years with the show, he also knows what to expect. Can’t enter the bathtub in between. Or go to the fridge. All you can do is go down to the river and boil the salty water and drink it. The situation arises in everyone’s mind. Then there are the preferences of individual people. Now he has to deal with it.

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Dustin Semmelroge (right) voluntarily left Wilderness Camp.Image: imago images/Charles Yunck

Since you were there yourself – why did you actually participate in 2004?

That was the first time forest camping Germany was produced. I had no clues and was put there not knowing what I had. I thought it was an adventure. I expected there to be challenges that weren’t always so pleasant. But I don’t expect to come naked as a jungle candidate. Now how should I put it diplomatically? For me, jungle camping was not what I expected.

“Today it’s mostly about popularity.”

You left voluntarily after three days. How do you see it today – is that right?

Of course, I thought about it often. But I still stand by the decision I made then. For me, jungle camping is a form Entertainment So, it belongs to hobby and my professional field. But at that time I was a young actor movies And theater – not through reality shows. Suddenly I was in one. In one of the non-excellent magazines at the moment. And they wanted to collect money there along with celebrities like B, C, D. I wasn’t like that at that age.

Do you regret jungle camping?

I wanted to be an actor and love my job. At that time I found it very difficult to continue on my way with the film. Needless to say, wild camping didn’t work for me. If you want to take acting seriously, that’s my jungle camp Comment Unfortunately a bit difficult. Nowadays it’s mostly about popularity. No matter what. It’s show business. But I want mine Life Not sold. That’s how I felt. I think that is still true today.

What does your father need for camping?

For my father’s sake I will certainly see. And keep your fingers crossed for him. I believe my father will be happy and will come as king for it.