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Musk, president of Tesla, opens a new Giga factory in Texas >

The event was expected with more excitement even from the first deliveries of the Gigafactory near Berlin two weeks ago: as in Germany with a party, but bigger, Tesla celebrated the opening of its second factory in the US state of Texas on Thursday evening. . As a climax, CEO Elon Musk gave a speech declaring that no company had ever reached the level of Tesla before announcing the start of delivery of the Model Y from the new factory. This is said to be the first Tesla electric vehicle to have 4,680-cell battery packs developed and produced in-house. However, there is no technical data on this.

The CEO of Tesla at the Texas Gigafactory cheered

The kick-off party has been called in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany, the day of delivery to the Gigafactory In Texas, Tesla chose the Cyber ​​Rodeo logo. Either way, guests were able to visit the production largely freely and were treated to techno music before CEO Musk could finally perform on the show. In Texas, too, the governor and senator from the state are said to have been among the visitors, but unlike in Germany, there were no speeches by politicians.

Of course, CEO Musk came into the setup — as expected, shortly after it was announced wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses and a Cyber ​​Rodeo-logo T-shirt. As with most of its appearances, the jubilation has been great, especially since the Tesla boss announced: This year, beta testing using the FDS autopilot program will be extended to all of North America, Musk first said, shortly after Tesla’s previous date.

However, the Tesla boss did not reveal any new information about the Model Y from the new factory. He just reiterated that the frame of the electric car from the new Giga factory consists of only three components: Much of the die-cast Giga press is in the front and back and the battery pack is in between, where 4,680 cells are part of the supporting structure. This is a revolution, Musk explained, and radically simplifies production. The Model Y production line in Texas has the highest annual capacity in the world at 500,000 units.

Then Musk spoke again about the important thing Topic size, which should be “extreme” in TeslaHe also mentioned the robot that was first discussed at AI Day in August 2021. The CEO then said, “Let’s introduce the first Tesla cars produced in Texas,” before passing by a number of Model Ys (different colors from Grünheide) across the platform. But none of them stayed in place, and the CEO didn’t provide any technical data either. It is known, however, that Model Y with 4680 battery New certificate You should get. Because it can have a different capacity and the design can affect the weight.

No Form Y shipments have been documented.

Strictly speaking, it’s not even certain whether early customers actually got their hands on their Model Y during the Cyber ​​Rodeo in Texas. In any case, there were no live-stream renditions that ended with Musk’s performance. After a good hour, no happy new owners were reported on Twitter either, so it was jokingly said that they may have signed nondisclosure agreements. So Tesla threw a big party on Thursday and gave Musk an overview of the future. Highly anticipated details Model Y with new build and 4680 . battery But it may come later.