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MusicStar 2024: Katarina “Kat” Michel wins – Entertainment

MusicStar 2024: Katarina “Kat” Michel wins – Entertainment

  • Katharina “Kät” Michel is the 2024 MusicStar winner. She impressed at the revival show with her interpretation of Duffy’s “Mercy.”
  • For once, it was not the jury or the audience that chose the winner, but the other nominees.
  • The 20th anniversary show was marked by emotions. In addition to Patchi and Salome Clausen, presenter Sven Ebbeny was also on the verge of tears.

Jury members Arabella Kiesbauer, Chris von Rohr, and Detlef D! Soost couldn't stop raving after Katharina Michele's performance. Detlef even compared her to Amy Winehouse. But it wasn't just the jury that blew their socks off with the 35-year-old, also known as “Kat,” with her interpretation of Duffy's “Mercy.”

The other nominees were equally enthusiastic and chose Berniez Oberlander as the winner of the “MusicStar” revival show. Unlike before, the jury's rating was not calculated, and there was no telephone vote.

This is a huge honor for Katarina, as she told SRF: “This is a huge compliment. I did not expect to win. But I am really happy!”

Katarina's way back to the stage

For a long time it was quiet around Katarina Michel. About a year and a half after her win in 2009, the musician withdrew from the public and worked, among other things, at BeO Radio.

Winning put me in a little bubble. Then came the big hammer, the truth.

The reason: Her father died while “MusicStar” was still running. “Winning put me in a little bubble. Then came the big hammer, the truth. I had to step back and deal with everything.”

Today she is at a different point. She's also been making music again for more than three years, “simply under the radar.” But the win showed her that she was in the right place and that she was capable of daring to step on stage. Preferably barefoot – “because with shoes, there's always something in the way, and I feel lower,” says the musician.

Many tears at the memory

Katarina's performance and triumph were far and away the highlights of the evening. What particularly stood out: the passion in the studio. There was a lot of crying. After his performance, Patchi first needed a glass of water. “The great adventure of my life began here,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Salome Clausen, who also withdrew from the audience after winning Season 2, also had moist eyes after her appearance. The fact that she went on stage again for the first time impressed the jury and they showered the Valais woman with praise.

This affected the 37-year-old woman so much that she was no longer able to speak. It even hurt presenter Sven Ebini, who was also on the verge of tears.

Sven Ebini led the evening with Viola Tami and described the show as a great class reunion. In addition to the participants Fabian Lovis, Carmen Fink, Katarina Michel, Burnie Hone, Bache, Salomé Claussen, Daniel Candelbauer and Leo Ritzmann, there were many other alumni behind the scenes.

There were not only many old fans in the audience, but also vocal coach Artemis Junaki – along with her partner, an SRF technician, whom she got to know and love during the recordings.

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What else can't be missed: lots of nostalgic moments, “unfortunately”, reconciliation between jury member and participant and countless warm hugs.