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Murdoch suspends plans for news channels

Launches for the new Murdoch channels are not currently underway, with rival GB News set to launch.

It should be an attack on the news dominance of the BBC’s home. But now Australian media chief Rupert Murdoch’s plans for his own news channel in Great Britain have been put on hold. News UK CEO Rebecca Brooks – Murdoch’s News Corps UK division – loudly shared Guardian He told company employees that the costs of starting a TV news channel were too high and would not make economic sense. Instead, they want to reach an audience with news programs on streaming sites. “We need to bring the right products to market for the digital age,” Brooks quoted him as saying.

David Rhodes, an experienced American news manager who left for London last year to launch a new news channel, is leaving in June.

60 million for TV launch

Despite the announcement, the British can expect a new news channel soon. This is because the competitive production of GB News, directed by British TV veteran Andrew Neal, is set to launch soon despite high costs. For this one already has a lot of talent from other broadcasters (HORIZONT report).

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About மில்லியன் 60 million (about மில்லியன் 70 million) has been raised from investors such as UAE-based investment firm Discovery and hedge fund manager Paul Marshall, who is best known for his pro-Brexit stance on financing the startup.

More than 100 employees are said to be on board when GB News launches. The station wants to reconsider the strict rules of the British Oversight Commission, Afcom, which is aimed at neutrality and conservative viewers, and wants to compete with the BBC, which has recently had to deal with increased criticism from the conservative camp. According to the indictment, the station’s report is one-sided, left-wing and very elite.

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