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Munich Schreiberei and Tohru Nakamura collaborate with LYV fashion label: Tageskarte

Munich Schreiberei and Tohru Nakamura collaborate with LYV fashion label: Tageskarte

Schreiberei and Tohru Nakamura collaborate with fashion label LYV

The writing In Munich, where well-known chef Toru Nakamura also collaborates with the fashion company “raise your vision“(LYV). The service teams in both restaurants are provided with uniforms and accessories. Joint business is planned.

Thus, in addition to food and drinks, the ambiance of the restaurant and the appearance of the service must also fit into the overall picture of the restaurant experience in Schreiberei. This also includes proper visual presentation of employees in the writing department. Toru Nakamura and Mark Opelhair also wanted to go their own way here. “Due to the comprehensive renovation, we have already implemented our concept of fine dining with great attention to every detail. Currently, Schreiberei, our second concept for our restaurant is being created under the same roof, with the same enthusiasm. Toru Nakamura, Executive Chef and General Manager of the Writing Department, explains, “From the beginning, Olina Also pay great attention to the fashion of our service team.

“While searching for the right partner, we came across the young and very creative fashion brand ‘Raise Your Vision’. Our first meeting with founders Nick and Nenad was instantly inspiring. Their brand, team and mindset are a perfect match for our approach: having fun and starting together to create something special together,” Follow Toru Nakamura.

LYV is a European fashion label focused on progressive interpretations of distinct contemporary styles. “A unique look is created by the monochromatic look, new structures of the hybrid shapes and the combination of materials from the highest quality fabrics,” according to a press release. LYV design team mainly uses Italian fabrics, combines them with high-quality design elements and mainly relies on European production facilities. High wearing comfort is ensured by the superior stretch and therefore the best wearing properties. Softly tailored ready-to-wear combines soft craftsmanship, natural shoulder shapes and modern cuts. Among the campaigners and supporters of the LYV brand are actor Frederic Lau and national footballer Julian Brandt.

For Marc Uebelherr, Managing Director of Writing, the perfect fit: “We were looking for people and we found a fashion platform with Lift your Vision that unites our spirit. This is exactly the DNA that we want to develop together and implement in writing. Our goal is for both our guests and staff to feel comfortable. With us “.

Particular emphasis is placed on the clothes of waiters, bartenders or restaurant managers in their daily work. Nick Reichert, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Lift Your Vision, explains what the fashion label pays attention to when assembling clothes: “Food and fashion combine a love of craftsmanship. This means that both quality and function are very important to us when choosing clothes. This means that all Service personnel, bartenders have to feel comfortable during their working hours and therefore need special materials. In addition to style, we attach great importance to this.”

At the opening of the restaurant, the Schreiberei service team will wear a uniform consisting of a navy blue LYV Milan jacket and LYV Milan pants, as well as LIFT YOUR VISION x Schreiberei co-op T-shirts. An outfit for the “Front of House” at the fine dining restaurant “Tohru in der Schreiberei” is also planned for fall 2022.