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Mozilla Firefox loses 20% of its users

Mozilla Firefox loses 20% of its users

In the past two years, the number of Mozilla Firefox users has decreased continuously. The browser has now lost 20 percent.

The basics in brief

  • Mozilla Firefox has been suffering from low user numbers for a long time.
  • The nonprofit’s browser lost 20 percent of its users.
  • The trend has been decreasing to this day.

Crowned in the race for the most used web browser google Chrome remains the undisputed leader. There has only been a recent change in the lower places. After Microsoft Edge and recently Mozilla Firefox Displaced from the pedestal, goes to a greater slope relative to the latter.

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Mozilla Firefox browser is in decline

Signed up in early 2019 Mozilla Browser About 250 million monthly active users. Meanwhile, that number has fallen by 20 percent to less than 200 million. Active people at least spend more time in Firefox every day, the company says.

Mozilla is currently going through a difficult phase and will have to unlock soon Alternative Financing Options situation. Just last summer, 250 employees – a quarter of the workforce – had to be laid off. However, some new features for Mozilla Firefox are currently being worked on.

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