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Mozilla Firefox 90 released

Mozilla Firefox 90 released

Mozilla released Firefox 90 for Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux last week. This article summarizes the most important new features – as always on this blog in greater detail than those on other websites.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux

Windows: Refresh Firefox in the background

Starting with Firefox 90, Windows users can update Firefox in the background. If the option is activated, Firefox then checks if there is a new version every seven hours and, if necessary, installs it without disturbing the user. This is especially useful for users for whom updates are annoying when starting the program.

This feature will be gradually rolled out. If you want to activate it earlier, you can use a file Help from Mozilla consequences.

SmartBlock 2.0

The SmartBlock mechanism was introduced with Firefox 87, which is activated in private windows and in all windows for those users who have activated strict protection against activity tracking, combining privacy and compatibility with the web. Firefox replaces the scripts of known tracking services with some kind of alternative script, ensuring that website compatibility is not compromised while disabling actual functionality. For example, website functions that require Google Analytics can be called without actually being executed and without script errors, unlike without SmartBlock, because Google Analytics is blocked by Firefox.

Firefox 90 brings SmartBlock 2.0, an improved version of this mechanism. For example, Facebook scripts are still prohibited on websites, but are allowed for the corresponding website at the time the user decides to use the Facebook login applicable to many websites. So far, Facebook login cannot be used without turning off protection beforehand.

HTTPS Mode Only: Manage Exceptions in Settings

Firefox has an HTTPS only mode where Firefox only loads pages over HTTPS, not over an unencrypted HTTP connection (exceptions are possible). This can be activated either always, only in private windows or not at all. From Firefox 90, it is possible to manage exceptions to this mode directly in the Firefox settings.

Improvements to the web platform and developer tools

HTTP/3 . support

Firefox supports 90 files HTTP / 3 The successor to HTTP/2 and thus the latest version of the HTTP protocol.

Firefox supports 90 files Fetch metadata request headers, which enables web applications to better protect themselves and their users from various cross-origin attack scenarios.

Other improvements to the web platform

Firefox now sets the base size and image resolution based on EXIF ​​information, if available. This, for example, allows the server to send a low-quality placeholder image to speed up the loading.

Firefox 90 has added support for Domains and Special Methods Added in javascript. support for in () – method For arrays, arrays, and sorted strings. The 2D canvas API has been expanded to include a file createConicGradient()Extended method.

The Network panel now displays a preview of font requests in the Response tab.

Firefox 90

As always, there is an overview of all the improvements to the web platform such as the new web standards supported in MDN Web Documents.

Closed security holes

Of course, Mozilla is also back with Firefox 90 Several security holes Closed. For security reasons only, Firefox 90 update is highly recommended for all users.

Other new features in Firefox 90

If a website is saved as a PDF, the links that may contain it cannot be clicked. From Firefox 90 onwards, links work in PDFs created by Firefox.

The context menu entry “Open drawing in new tab” now opens images, like other browsers, by default in the background. If you prefer the old behavior, you can activate the “Open tabs on top” option in Firefox settings, which now also includes this context menu entry behavior.

Starting Firefox via the profile manager has taken a little longer in the past. This performance issue has been fixed.

With Firefox 90, WebRender is being rolled out to additional users who are not receiving hardware-accelerated WebRender as a graphics backend. This means that more than 95 percent of desktop users already get WebRender. In addition, the performance of WebRender has been improved.

Windows has a new page called About: Third Party that displays the third-party modules that are installed in Firefox. The purpose of this page is to identify compatibility issues caused by third party applications.

Firefox 90

Support for unencrypted and insecure FTP has already been deactivated by default in Firefox 88. In Firefox 90, support has been completely removed, and activation via about:config is no longer possible.

The link in Manage Add-ons now points to if the user has not installed any add-ons yet.

The introductory roundup: Hey Now also provides an option to keep Firefox in the dock on macOS, similar to how you can pin Firefox to the taskbar on Windows.

As always, there have been bug fixes and other improvements in Firefox 90. Also support Other company guidelines has been added.