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Moving questionable appointments in Google Calendar from Gmail: The bug can be stopped

In the past few days, more and more users are reporting problems with Google Calendar. This should appear on appointments whose provenance is not clear. They may be from emails ending in Gmail. However, there are probably no dates that are clearly identifiable as such. Some people have also reported on Twitter that coveted dates are no longer showing up. Google links to the problem report page.

Initially “9to5GoogleReports indicate that those affected are also suspicious of newsletters. However, there is no clear pattern. The broad entry is a “US Financial Privacy Memo,” which ends up on the calendar as an all-day appointment, including a notification on Android smartphones.

To solve the problem, the automatic transfer of appointments from Gmail to Calendar can be deactivated in the settings. There is no real candidate for dates that need to be moved. Instead, you have to give the respective consent by replying – or manually entering appointments.

The automatic transmission in 2019 has already been exploited to bring loads of spam onto people’s calendars. Links were included, for example to the promised iPhones, which of course led to sites with criminal intent. It was said at the time that even if Gmail identifies the messages as spam, appointments can be moved. However, Google also stated that they were aware of the issue and were working on a fix.


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