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Moto3 in Assen: Foggia's second win of the season

Moto3 in Assen: Foggia’s second win of the season

( – Honda’s Dennis Foggia celebrated his second win of the moto3 season in Assen. In the end, the Italian won over 22 laps in a close battle against Sergio Garcia (Gas Gas) and Romano Fenati (Husqvarna), who finished on the podium despite two long podium kicks. World Cup leader Pedro Acosta finished fourth.

Dennis Foggia was barely able to keep his opponents off


Even before the race started, some drivers saw signs of a tough race: Jaume Masia, Lorenzo Fillon, Takuma Matsuyama, Joel Kelso, Yuki Kone and Andy Fred boom were awarded a penalty by roaming qualifying.

Ricciardo Rossi had to start on the pit track because he has been involved in track activity at Assen for the past 14 days. This is prohibited by regulations. Romano Vinati and Adrian Fernandez have already received a long double penalty after the last Grand Prix in Germany.

Vinati and Acosta make a strong comeback

That’s why Fanati’s leadership didn’t last long after the start. He completed his first long lap after two laps, while six drivers began taking penalties. Foggia and Garcia then battled for the lead up front, while World Cup leader Acosta gradually made his way to the front.

He wasn’t able to get into yesterday’s qualifying after a serious fall in Friday’s third practice session, but he got the green light for Sunday’s race and worked his way up from 18th place early. After just five rounds, he was in the top ten.

Fnati also made fast progress despite his second long lap and was already fighting in the first set after nine laps. This only destroyed one lap later as a result of the collision between Andrea Migno and Niccol أن Antonelli, who both fell. Antonelli was able to continue racing.

In the second half of the race, a leading group of seven drivers managed to get further and further away. With the start of the last five laps, I became restless in the upper field. The leadership of Foggia, Fenati, and Garcia alternated back and forth. He also fought Darren Bender, Pedro Acosta, Tatsuki Suzuki, and John McPhee.

But on the last lap, the stalkers lost contact with the first three. Foggia was able to defend their lead against Garcia and Vinati, thus securing their second win of the season after Mugello. In the end, the top three separated only twenty.

Moto3 in Assen: Top 3 Drivers Votes

“It was an unbelievably tough race. Congratulations to my girls for getting onto the podium after two long lap penalties. He wasn’t the only one to score a long penalty kick. There were a few drivers and so I am full on the win. These are Foggia said of his victory” Important points for me.

Runner-up Garcia summed it up satisfactorily: “The race was very fun. I think it was the fastest race of the year. I attacked completely on the last lap and I’m very happy with the second place.”

And my runner is also more than happy looking at the starting position: “It’s amazing to have finished the podium here. After all, I had to do the long course twice. In the race I got on really well and had very few problems with the tyre. The rear is near the end. Overall, the bike was really strong today.”

Binder finished fourth, but was reduced by three places due to a track limit violation, so that Acosta, Suzuki and McPhee advanced from fourth to sixth and Binder was ranked seventh. Gabriel Rodrigo, Xavier Artigas and Jeremy Alcoba completed the top ten.

The remaining points went to Stefano Nepa, Izan Guevara, Kaito Toba, Niccol Antonelli and Deniz Onko. In the World Cup, Garcia reduced the lead to overall leader Acosta to 48 points. Foggia is 72 points behind the new third.