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Moscow calls for NATO's withdrawal from all of Eastern Europe +++ "Bulgaria is a sovereign state"

Moscow calls for NATO’s withdrawal from all of Eastern Europe +++ “Bulgaria is a sovereign state”

In light of the tensions in the conflict in Ukraine, the United States intends to respond in writing to Russia’s concerns about security in Europe next week. After today’s crisis talks, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that Washington would then respond to a paper presented by Moscow in December.

Sergey Lavrov stressed that further steps should then be discussed. No breakthrough was expected during the negotiations in a hotel on Lake Geneva. “But I think we are now on a clear path in terms of understanding each other’s concerns and positions,” Blinken said. We agreed to have more talks after that,” he said.

Focus: Anthony Blinken (second from left) and Ignacio Cassis (right) in Geneva today.

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Blinkin complained that Russia was continuing to build up its forces on the Ukrainian border and was planning exercises in Belarus near Ukraine, while the West was trying to calm the situation. “We have made it clear that if any Russian forces move across Ukraine’s borders, it will be a re-invasion,” Blinken said.

“The United States and our partners and allies will respond to this quickly, with force and with combined forces,” the Democrat said, and announced the content of his talks this week with the leadership in Kiev, with the German government in Berlin and with Lavrov. He discussed with US President Joe Biden in Geneva after his return to the United States.

Blinken once again said that the United States wants to continue supporting Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. “We rely on diplomacy and dialogue (…). But at the same time we are on the path of defense and deterrence.” At the same time he defended the country’s supply of weapons.