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Moritz Seider, former Erfurter makes history in the United States |  Sports

Moritz Seider, former Erfurter makes history in the United States | Sports

Moritz Seder, former Erfurter writes history in the United States

Updated: 06/22/2022, 16:16

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Former Erfurt Moritz Seider was the first German to be selected as the best newcomer in the NHL.

Photo: John Bazimore / D

A German ice hockey professional has never been honored as the best newcomer to the NHL in North America. The former Erfurter has now received the award. Congratulations from his old club.

Moritz Seider gave no indication that he had just written the history of German ice hockey. When the 21-year-old was named North American Rookie of the Year, Detroit defender Red Wings looked calm. He was given an honor that no other German professional in the world’s best ice hockey league has ever received.

Cider traded his gear for a thread at a party in Tampa, USA. The national player accepted the award, which he himself said he was not expecting, in a suit and tie. “I’m no longer a letter,” Ceder said on stage after kissing his girlfriend, three-time Olympic short-track contestant Anna Seidel, accepting the first congratulations.

However, in his first season, he only appeared in inconspicuous appearances in the rarest of cases. Seder was regularly outperforming. He was on the ice in all 82 major round matches, scoring a total of 50 points and scoring 43 assists. No other NHL rookie had more passes this past season.

Defensively, he showed himself tough against established superstars. And there was no sign of adjustment problems after the adjustment phase at Grand Rapids Griffins, Detroit’s co-op partner, and a season at Rögle BK in Sweden.

“He showed a great presence in his first year and played well throughout the year,” national team coach Toni Soderholm said of his student who came sixth in the 2019 talent pick. “Of course I’m very happy for Moritz, he made ice hockey in Germany so proud.”

In the national team, Cider, along with Canadian League rival Leon Drysitl of the Edmonton Oilers, is one of Söderholm’s main building blocks – despite his young age. DEB President Peter Merten added: “We are very proud that Moritz Seider was the first German to win the Calder Cup at the age of 21.”

The Black Dragon congratulates Sider on social networks

The Black Dragons Erfurt, where Cider learned to play ice hockey at the age of five and left for Adler Mannheim after nine years, wrote on social networks: “Congratulations from your black dragons – we are very proud of you!”

In the final, Cider defeated strikers Michael Banting of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks. Only 25 of the 195 journalists entitled to vote did not see a citizen of the Palatinate in first place.

Focused on the ice and loved off the field – that’s how Sider presented himself on the Florida Gulf Coast. Because after a little joke about his absent parents, “who just got back from Croatia and thought it was important to go on vacation,” Seder sympathized with his side in Tampa.