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More than two thirds of players have been vaccinated at least once

More than two thirds of players have been vaccinated at least once

MUNICH/NYC – The NFL caused quite a stir a few weeks ago with its strict vaccination protocol, with unvaccinated players or coaches enjoying far fewer rights and more restrictions. A little over two weeks before bootcamp begins, there’s now an update: the league’s vaccination campaign is going well.

Nearly 70 percent vaccination rate among players

NFL insider Tom Pellisero also reports that more than 69 percent of players have now received at least one dose of the vaccine. For comparison: in the USA as a whole, about 55 percent of people have received a dose of the vaccine, and 47 percent have been fully vaccinated (as of July 8, 2021).

With trainers and staff the rate is even higher: Pelisero talks about the fact that “virtually all Level 1 and Level 2 employees,” that is, coaches, doctors and assistants, are vaccinated at least once. So the rate is more than 85 percent.

The deadline for full boot camp vaccinations is Monday 12 July. Not all people and players who have received their second (or first Johnson & Johnson) injection by then will have to undergo daily COVID-19 testing and other procedures at training camp.

Team VI More than 85 percent of the total immunization

The sixth of 32 teams reached the 85% vaccination threshold targeted by the NFL, Thursday.

Insider Pelissero did not reveal the team. The season in the NFL begins in about nine weeks.

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