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More than 40,000 migrants entered the English Channel illegally

Illegal entry through the English Channel is a thorn in the side of the Conservative government in London. 22 boats were captured on Saturday alone.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • According to British officials, 40,000 people have crossed the English Channel this year.
  • In 2021, there were a total of 28,561 people.

More than 40,000 are illegal so far this year, according to official figures English channel Passed to Great Britain. The British Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday, Saturday A total of 972 people 22 boatmen were arrested.

This means that in 2022 it will already be significantly higher Immigrants For the whole of 2021, 28,561 more people entered the UK illegally than arrived. Conservative Government In London, crossings are a thorn the eye.

She wants to stop immigrants with extreme measures. For example, people who entered the country illegally are sent to Rwanda in East Africa, regardless of their asylum status. According to media reports, Great Britain and France are about to sign a comprehensive agreement to prevent illegal crossings.

Robert Jenrick, the British Foreign Secretary responsible for the Home Office, said in a guest article for the “Sunday Telegraph” newspaper. Government Due to limited capacity, it is forced to rent expensive hotel rooms at taxpayers’ expense. It will change. “Hotel Britain should end and be replaced with simple, functional accommodation that does not create extra spaces,” Jenrick wrote.

“Human decency should be sober, with common sense: Illegal immigrants are not entitled to luxury hotels.” Genrick said Britain offers too many concessions to migrants and accuses refugees of “sheltering”.

Recently, conditions at Manston Detention Center in South East England made headlines. 4,000 migrants were housed in a facility designed for 1,600 people.

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