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More than 30 cases of norovirus at Burger Joint in Reykjavík

More than 30 cases of norovirus at Burger Joint in Reykjavík

Health authorities in Reykjavik have at least 15 cases of illness related to two branches of the Reykjavik burger chain. Hamborgarafabrikkan have been reported.

Hamborgarafabrikkan branch has been closed due to virus upload. (Photo: Hamborgarafabrikkan/Facebook)

According to Oskar Asveld Sigursson, head of the department at the Reykjavík Health Authority, the disease appears to be caused by a norovirus infection. According to Oscar, the total number of patients is between 30 and 40 patients. One of the branches has now closed, according to reports RÚV.

Typical symptoms of norovirus infection include vomiting and diarrhea. The infection can be dangerous for people with underlying medical conditions or chronic conditions.

A norovirus outbreak occurred in a hotel in eastern Iceland earlier this month, but there is no evidence that the two outbreaks are linked.

Hamborgarafabrikkan is a popular chain and no such cases have happened in the restaurant. The case is currently under investigation and it will be difficult to determine the source of the infection, RÚV writes.

Hamborgarafabrikkan operates three branches in Iceland: two in Reykjavík and one in Akureyri.

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