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More space for cyclists and pedestrians - Freiburg

More space for cyclists and pedestrians – Freiburg

On Breisacher Strasse, the car lane towards the city center becomes a bike lane.

. Now the south side of Breisacher Straße between Fehrenbachallee and Eschholzstraße also has a new bike lane. It is part of the pedestrian and bicycle traffic offensive that the municipal council has awarded with a budget of around 16 million euros for this year and next. How much the remodeling cost is unclear from the notification from Town Hall and cannot be found due to vacation time.

Until now, there were two car lanes in each direction between Fehrenbachallee and Eschholzstraße – and sidewalks and bike paths that were very narrow. At the end of last year, one of the two car lanes on Breisacher Strasse that leads out of town was converted into a bike lane. This was proven in the announcement of the city administration. This is why the responsible horticultural and civil engineering department has now also converted one of the car lanes on the south side towards downtown into a two- to three-meter-wide bike lane. The former footpath and bike path are now pedestrian-only. Cyclists are only allowed to use a short section at a walking pace at the start of the section until they can switch to Hilde-Mangold-Straße.

Depending on the weather, the entire section from Killianstrasse to Gärtnerweg should be marked in red across the entire section from Killianstrasse to Gärtnerweg. This should improve safety and steering for cyclists. Then the bike lane outside the city will be extended a little earlier. In the future, it will start in Gärtnerweg, which will in turn open to bicycle traffic opposite to one-way traffic.

In the next few years, continuous bike lanes will be gradually created along Breisacher Strasse all the way to Bismarckallee.

According to the city administration, the innovations at Breisacher Straße are the fourth project in an ongoing walking and cycling campaign.