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More space for companies - Ettenheim

More space for companies – Ettenheim

The Ettenheim building committee approved a draft development plan for the Wolfsmatten expansion.

. Commercial operations, warehouses and storage areas as well as office and administration buildings are provided in the Wolfsmatten expansion plan, and facilities for sporting and health purposes can also be provided. With a dissenting vote, the Committee on Building, Environment and Technology approved the planning.

The development plan application area connects north via Wolfsmattenweg to L 103 and extends over Wildt to Ettenbach. The total area is 4.39 hectares. At the end of April 2019, the Municipal Council passed the decision. Meanwhile, discussions were held with the landowners, and the Planning Office of Fischer in Freiburg prepared an initial draft of the development plan. A restricted commercial area will be established on the site; The development will take place across Wolfsmatten (formerly Alte Landstrasse) and the new spur road. Access via L 103 is not possible. The Wolfsmattenweg, already partially upgraded, was supplemented by a bicycle and pedestrian path. Special traffic safety restrictions apply to L 103. A construction distance of 15 metres must be maintained. Nature conservation regulations include special lighting that bats should not interfere with when they are flying through or when they are looking for food. Holger Fischer answered the question: solar energy cannot be regulated in the development plan, this is determined by the Building Code. Thomas Ulrich (FLE) indicated that the limits of the development plan were raised to L 103 and that land was planned there. This should be checked further.

Regarding planting regulations, Thomas Ulrich noted that almost all trees were missing at Georges-Imbert-Strasse in Dyn A 5. He asked management to inform the companies involved of their commitment to replant. According to Ulrich Schmidt (CDU), there are no trees in the “Kaufland” car park and the corresponding areas have been converted into parking spaces.

City council meeting Tuesday, November 23, at 7 p.m., at Town Hall.