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More information about the revised Tesla Model 3 >

More information about the revised Tesla Model 3 >

Photo: @Alwinart (Free Design of Revised Model 3)

More and more details are becoming known about the changes in Tesla’s Autopilot hardware – which are hard to reconcile. In August 2021, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that a fourth generation is coming, and he has already revealed that this means new cameras and computers. Since then, the HW4 PC has been spotted in Tesla’s parts catalog, and the latest Model S and Model X appear to have changed cameras—surprisingly, one less camera up front. And now a blog has posted information about the expected update of the Tesla Model 3 – again with a new camera configuration.

Tesla wants to cut costs with the update

News agency Reuters first reported in November 2022 that something would change with the Model 3 under the Highland codename. So far, this has not been confirmed or denied, but the Model 3s have been seen with a tarpaulin on the front and sometimes the back a few times in the USA. And on Tuesday, citing an insider, an app blog also reported that Tesla is upgrading its first electric car by volume. It should make the biggest changes since the Model 3 launched in 2017.

However, if the report is correct, it will be easy to manage. Reuters had already reported that Tesla’s main concern with the updated Model 3 was lower costs. Also not a Tesla app Write now than focus on it. The front of the Model 3 should be distinctly different – with new headlights and a new apron. At the rear, only the slightly altered exterior mirrors should follow and, finally, a new rear bumper should also be provided. Inside, there’s also said to be a visual update, but less so than the Model S in early 2021.

According to the blog report, many of the changes are driven by cost considerations. Tesla wants to delete the temperature sensor and instead get the data from weather services. However, three additional cameras will be added to the Model 3: one at the front of the apron, which is one of the reasons for its redesign, and another one to the left and right of the front fender, where the housing with the camera and indicators is already located. The new cameras, as already in the Model S and X, should have a higher resolution of 5 megapixels; At the back, there is only one camera.

Form Y will follow Form 3

This could soon be another configuration in the Tesla universe – a camera was recently seen on the Cybertruck at the bottom of the nose. According to Not a Tesla, production of the Model 3 Highland is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2023, which was also reported by Reuters. The Model S and Model X, which are currently being delivered with the new HW4 PC but the cameras are in the older positions only, may get this update at this time so the variety doesn’t become too great. With the Model Y, on the other hand, a similar revision will be pending as with the Model 3 under the codename Juniper and is already being prepared for a later date.