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tesla app 4.0 startseite

More elegant and more functionality>

Tesla electric cars regularly receive software updates with new patches and functionality, but the app for mobile access to them has remained largely unchanged for a long time. But now it’s time: apparently, initially only for Apple iOS, Tesla released the new base 4.0.0 version of its smartphone app Thursday night.

Tesla app can be used faster

First of all, the Tesla app more or less shows the usual image, but the design looks more elegant and modern in general. On the start screen there are also new direct buttons to load and (for whatever reason) to open the Frunk front box. From a technical point of view, Tesla notes in the software explanations that the connection to the vehicle is now established more quickly: you can enter commands immediately after opening the application, which sometimes required a long wait.

Another improvement for everyday practice: Smartphones can now act as keys to several Teslas at the same time. Even before you can do more than one Create Form 3 or Form Y in the app, but then had to choose which of them he was active for. However, on previous models S and X, there is a radio key called Fob for unlocking and activation. Getting started with the app was more complicated here, because the tap to unlock area is still on the splash screen, but the launch area is now in the car menu.

Only in select countries (which also apparently includes Germany) you can now also shop in the web store and view your vehicle orders according to Tesla info via the app – the Cybertruck and Roadster are not shown, however, as testers reported on Twitter. Likewise, only in some countries previous Supercharger recharges can be viewed and paid for in the new app.

Siri support and tools

In addition, it seems that the new version of the Tesla app also brings some undocumented news. Join Electrek’s Blog Found in an internal document from the mentioned iOS Tools Support. In addition, “MacGyver Questions” should be asked in the application. What this means was initially left open. In a test by, the Tesla software correctly reacted to Siri’s “unlock the car” and “lock the car” commands.