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More electric cars from a German manufacturer>

After the official political segment with the first deliveries of the Model Y from the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin on Tuesday of this week, the “celebrations” program element followed: Tesla had its own employees, factory partners as well as collectors. And their companions are invited to have a good time afterwards in the building. On stage, CEO Elon Musk gave another speech and answered questions (see photo), including future plans for the new Gigafactory.

More Tesla Models from Germany

whose Deliveries began on Tuesday with the performance version of the Model Y., all in black with a black interior. In a few months, Musk said, the previously announced finish will be available in a special crimson red. With 13 classes it’s probably the best in any production car in the world. According to the Tesla boss, the silver tone should also be new, but with an eight-layer finish.

But these are just short-term plans. Musk announced that Tesla will in the long run produce “a number of exciting vehicles” at the German Giga plant. So in the long run, both the Model 3 and other electric cars can be expected from Grünheide. In his shorter speech in the hall, the former Tesla boss mentioned that it was also planned to produce stationary storage there. The CEO may have referred to this when he said in the afternoon that the site in Brandenburg would generally become a “center of excellence for sustainable energy”.

However, it may be some time before Tesla takes on new markets and models. According to Musk, the company remains in a luxury position with orders significantly exceeding its production capacity. The CEO explained that expanding in this case would make Tesla more complex, not more useful in light of the goal of bringing as many electric cars into the world as possible. First of all, production capacity must be increased to a degree that exceeds demand.

On Tuesday, Musk did not reveal when he thinks that point will be reached. But he seemed satisfied With the growth that Tesla has achieved so far, which he estimated at 70-80 percent annually. Musk said it could go up in the future. However, he’s been more modest than before about long-term goals: In a best-case scenario, it’s not impossible for Tesla to sell 20 million electric cars a year in ten years, he said when asked. According to an impact report published in summer 2021 Tesla was targeting 20 million by 2030.

Musk is cautiously optimistic about FSD

As customers in Europe have been waiting for this for a long time, Musk was announced at the Delivery Day gala in Grünheide even after the expected start of Europe FSD beta software for autopilot system Requested. It was also not surprising that his answer: Perhaps in 2-3 months, Tesla will be able to “show” its FSD program to the supervisory authorities in the European Union, the CEO said. After that, however, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to adapt them to the conditions, which differ from country to country and from those in North America. Most likely and perhaps the European beta testing will begin this year, as Musk cautiously and optimistically explained, and also indicated that this will depend on regulation.