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More Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350s: Lufthansa will fly with Dreamliners this winter

More Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350s: Lufthansa will fly with Dreamliners this winter

The German group is increasing its long-haul orders with Airbus and Boeing. Five additional Boeing 787-9s have already been produced for Lufthansa, and five more A350s will be added.

Last weekend, Carsten Spohr didn’t want to get the proverbial cat out of the bag. In response to a question from aeroTELEGRAPH, Lufthansa President said, Oh man Negotiate additional long-haul aircraftSmaller than a Boeing 777X. He has not yet revealed what kind of pilot he was.

It is now clear: The Lufthansa Group is increasing its orders from Airbus and Boeing: It is buying five more Airbus A350-900s and five additional Boeing 787-9s. The group announced this Monday evening (May 3), right before the annual general meeting on Tuesday. “Today the acquisition has been approved by the Supervisory Board,” Lufthansa wrote.

Boeing 787-9s is already in production

To date, orders for 43 Lufthansa A350-900 aircraft have been recorded in the books at Airbus. 17 of them have already been delivered. The German airline is still waiting for 26 more. In its annual report, Lufthansa identified the period from 2023 to 2029 as the delivery period for the A350.

The five newly ordered Airbus A350-900s will be delivered in 2027 and 2028. They are intended for Lufthansa itself, they say. Meanwhile, the group agreed with Airbus to “restructure planned deliveries,” she said. She does not give any details.

Dreamliner is already in the winter

The German airline has already ordered 20 Boeing 787-9s from Boeing. This request has now been increased. The company explains that five 787-9s were already in production and that other airlines did not want to buy that quickly.

According to previous planning, the Dreamliners should arrive between 2022 and 2025. Now, thanks to additional purchases now made, Boeing shipments have been introduced. “The first Boeing 787-9 should fly to Lufthansa next winter, and the other aircraft will follow in the first half of 2022,” the group said.

Spohr suggests bargains

Regarding the Boeing deal, Lufthansa said: “At the same time, the group has agreed with the manufacturer to restructure the planned deliveries.” These could be subsequent deliveries of the 20 Boeing 777Xs ordered.

“Even in these challenging times, we are constantly investing in more modern, economical, and lower-emissions aircraft,” says Chief Executive Officer Spohr. “Given the opportunities to counteract the cyclical fluctuations, we are modernizing our long-haul fleet faster than planned before the start of the pandemic.” With this, the CEO indicates that Lufthansa will buy the aircraft on good terms.