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More and more companies are asking for Covid certificates from employees

More and more companies are asking for Covid certificates from employees

Woman working in an office without a protective mask: More and more companies are asking for a Covid certificate to get into corporate headquarters.

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Anyone wishing to work on the site should be able to show a Covid certificate in more and more Swiss companies. In the coming weeks, Novartis, Swiss Re and Zurich will tighten the rules.

Swiss companies are increasingly demanding this from their employees covid certificate. With drugmaker Novartis and insurers Swiss Re and Zurich, three big companies are now working to tighten access rules.

At the Novartis headquarters in Basel According to the Sunday newspaper From October 4, all people at the company’s premises will receive a valid Covid certificate. Alternatively, the kit offers a rapid antigen test that is valid for two days to reach the area.

From October 11, certification will also be mandatory for access to all buildings in the Swiss Re reinsurance group, according to the newspaper. A spokeswoman for the measure said that this allows “employees to return to a situation as close as possible to a normal state”. In contrast, if there is sufficient distance, wearing a mask will not be mandatory.

Insurance group Zurich is more stringent

According to the report from the Zurich insurance company, things should be a little tougher. A certificate is required here since September 13 upon entering the group’s headquarters in Zurich. From Monday, October 4, the rule will also apply at the Zurich Switzerland headquarters in Zurich – Oerlikon. The certificate is categorically checked at the entrance.

According to a company spokesperson, anyone without valid proof “will not be allowed in and will be required to work from home.” At the group’s headquarters, the regulations are much stricter. Only employees who have obtained certification through a stay-in-home office test will also be required.

Swiss Post only asks for certificates from time to time

Swiss Post is also the first state-owned company to adopt certification requirements. However, it only affects a certain group of employees, such as those who deliver letters and packages in hospitals, a spokeswoman told the Sunday newspaper. Furthermore, companies such as Amag, ABB, EY, NZZ Group, and TX Group are currently checking whether certification is required. They wouldn’t rule out others like Google, UBS, and Implenia.

With the extension of the certification requirement from September 13, employers can also use the certification as part of protection measures. After the procedure was initially used somewhat reluctantly and partly by personnel representatives It was critically viewedIt now appears to be gaining ground.