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More action, new vehicles and ways to play

More action, new vehicles and ways to play

( – After the first update at the end of January, which fixed bugs and made minor improvements to Need for Speed ​​Unbound, Volume 2 will be updated next Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Plus another round of improvements and patches Bugs, Lakeshore’s new game options and more actions are pre-programmed.

With the upcoming update, multiplayer car chases can be enjoyed

So, in the Lakeshore Online mode, game owners will be able to team up with other players and try to take control of the police force. It should be easier to see who is on the streets and ready for action.

New content includes endurance races, new rumble races, and high-speed multiplayer chases. Two new three-race Rumble rosters have been added, and there are four new endurance events, two new street races, and a new pair of standard playlists. In addition, existing playlists have been modified.

40 new challenges, including three new daily challenges, provide players with XP, money and new vehicles like “The Ultimate Luxury”. In addition, new hot lap tracks promise an entertaining adrenaline rush when your driving skills will be tested in a battle against time.

The Volume 2 update includes new vehicles, rewards and gameplay

Efforts are rewarded with new bonus content. New vehicles are available as bonuses, including a rare custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition, new driving effects, parking, decals and more. Exclusive to Volume 2, players with EA Play can drive the customizable 1971 Nissan Fairlady ZG two-seater.

The paid Map Key DLC file shows the location of all 260 collectibles (100 bears, 80 street art, 80 billboards) and all 160 activities. Also included is an exclusive “Fury and Zen” clothing set consisting of a jacket, shirt, sweatpants and hat .

Need for Speed ​​will be in the mood for a Volume 2 update with trailer And a little New screenshots.