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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Moon invites Kim Jong Un to dialogue in farewell letter

Kim reportedly responded to Wednesday’s letter to Moon on Thursday. This was initially reported by North Korean state media. “The exchange of personal messages between the leaders of North and South Korea is an expression of their deep trust,” the reports said. Both believe that the relations between the two countries can improve if they make sustained efforts.

The exchange came at a time of heightened uncertainty. The United States and South Korea fear that North Korea will soon conduct a new nuclear test after multiple missile tests this year. At the end of March, neighboring countries and the USA were especially upset about the launch of a North Korean ICBM. United Nations resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing ICBMs and other missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Moon and Kim met three times in 2018 for lengthy talks, including twice in the border city of Panmunjom and at a summit in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. They have agreed to end all hostilities. They also exchanged messages afterwards. The left-liberal Moon, who resigned in May after five years in office, had followed a path of rapprochement with the largely isolated neighboring country based on alliance with the United States.

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