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Monster Hunter Wilds: Fans want an exotic feature

Monster Hunter Wilds: Fans want an exotic feature

At last week's State of Play event, Capcom had a new trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds and fans loved it for many reasons. One of which is now causing the community to want a somewhat unusual feature in the hunting game.

Some new characters can be seen in the new Monster Hunter Wilds trailer released in State of Play. Including Gemma Al-Haddad of the Research Committee. As is usual in the series, she crafts you new weapons and armor, and also improves your equipment from the good lady.

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But all these useful services aren't why the Monster Hunter community was quick to declare Gemma their favorite. Instead, people in the community love her design and many consider her her “waifu”, meaning their new virtual wife.

This may seem strange to some of you, but pixel crushing is part of today's video game landscape. In the case of Gemma and the Monster Hunter Wilds, things are now going one step further. Because fans want a weird new feature: dating.

Of course, Capcom immediately stated that it was a classic Monster Hunter game, although it had never been part of the series and wouldn't be part of Wilds either. But the community did not want to accept this and chose an interesting path: they gave the title a tag as “Dating Simulator” on Steam. If enough people set this type, it will also appear on the official store page.

Of course, Capcom only liked this to a limited extent and the dating sim tag in Monster Hunter Wilds has now disappeared again. Either way, loving Gemma shouldn't hurt the game. Because if the two sentences in the trailer are enough to generate such enthusiasm, it can only get better when it's released.

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