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Moneypark on fire - inside Paradeplatz

Moneypark on fire – inside Paradeplatz

Stefan Heitmann is not a simple boss. But he knew about the business. It has made Moneypark a competitor to the listed company VZ Vermögenszentrum from the start.

Now Heitmann is jumping overboard, officially because he wants to devote himself to his other activities. What seems normal after Harmonie and Courant is actually a top-notch thriller.

The behind-the-scenes power struggle lasted for months, and was marked by intrigues among Moneypark’s top management. This majority is owned by the Helvetia Insurance Group in St. Gallen.

Helvetia’s leadership has set itself ahead of Heitmann for a long time. Now I dropped it. The result: the cabin was on fire. “Moneypark is collapsing,” an insider said yesterday.

An entire team of employees has pulled out these days. Suddenly, many HR consultants long ago left. Departures mainly affect Moneypark Zurich and Lausanne, where there are many back office assignments.

According to insiders, the “escape wave” is giant. In the past 12 months, about 100 employees have jumped over the entire Moneypark, especially in the important and large city of Zurich.

100 departures – that’s about a third. According to its own statements, Moneypark employs 300 people in locations across the country.

The massive wear and tear forces new and good people to come over and over again. These are all more important because in the “standalone” financial advice business, employees alone decide.

Hungry youth with the knowledge needed to get financial advice.

The danger is that they become a propellant. The word is known from the case of AWD in Germany, which ended up in the port of Swiss Life.

This danger was also present in Moneypark with its legendary rapid rise. Accordingly, the focus was placed on good recruits.

Under the old head of HR, this tightrope walk was a success, says one source. His successor now will discourage the crew. “It doesn’t exist,” says the source. “You don’t know what he wants.”

in kononu Moneypark finds itself in a prestigious position. “Bullying policy, better if Helvetia buys the whole company and closes the various departments (all except sales),” one wrote in February.

Internally, there has been talk of the departure of number 2. It is Michael Ruggmoser, who died a year ago Leave MoneyPark king.

At that time there was no comment from the company. It is now known that Rogenmoser and CEO Heitmann have engaged in a power struggle.

According to a source, Rogenmoser saw the founder and president with other members of the management.

When he realized the attack, he wanted to isolate Rogenmoser. Helvetia’s leaders, who eventually made the decision, allowed Hetman to do so.

Then suddenly rumors started spreading. In the human resources department, there were insults to female employees. In fact, a young woman quit, says the informant.

But the statements circulating around the world have nothing to do with it.

But Heitmann was calculated. Helvetia’s leadership took a closer look and has Moneypark and its CEO on their radar. Finally there was a breakup.

“Helvetia is following developments in MoneyPark closely,” a spokesperson for the insurer says. “We are convinced that MoneyPark is an attractive and dynamic business owner in an exciting environment.”

For more information refer to Moneypark. “The personal changes you mentioned all happened in the last year,” a spokeswoman said there.

Furthermore: “MoneyPark is a young, dynamic company that is changing and evolving. It is not unusual for people to leave MoneyPark and new people to join in this vein.”

Rumor has it that CS has expressed interest in buying Moneypark in recent months. Bank and broker form A tight team: CS often receives a file Mortgage Application.

Insiders say the topic is now likely off the table. Helvetia took over.