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Moneypark in Descent: One Last Chance?

Moneypark wanted to go to Jupiter. Now solid earth threatens. The subsidiary of the large insurance company Helvetia has to step back in order to reduce costs.

It may be the last chance. It is uncertain if a mortgage broker will still be able to turn the corner.

UBS will be crucial. As the new owner of CS, the lead bank can continue the close partnership between the acquired bank and Moneypark.

or adjust.

Then it might have happened to Moneypark.

“Dream Wedding” – Once arranged by Perrin F.

Upon request, you will receive emblems of perseverance.

“MoneyPark has already completed a personnel restructuring in November last year and is currently in the process of filling several vacancies across Switzerland,” says mother Helvetia.

“As the majority shareholder of MoneyPark, Helvetia supports the implementation of the strategy and sees no reason to modify the previous setup.”

Delegate a spokesperson for Muni Park’s daughter.

“We are currently working to fill about 30 vacancies in all regions of Switzerland.”

According to an inside source, Moneypark has just announced “another major restructuring” of staff. Major shareholder Helvetia is said to have lost interest in the broker.

They are thinking of going out in St. Gallen.

The problem seems to be that only one thing has been growing in Moneypark for a long time: losses.

According to another informant, the expansion of the business, from a pure mortgage to a comprehensive real estate brokerage, is a costly failure.

In addition, with the expansion of the business model, Moneypark has annoyed real estate brokers for a long time.

They decided to stop working with Moneypark.

The jump from pure real estate brokerage to comprehensive real estate advice belongs to Moneypark founder Stefan Heitmann.

Heitmann abandons ship and is focusing on his new venture called PriceHubble, which evaluates real estate.

Responding to a request via SMS, Heitmann said he had “not been in operational responsibility for over a year.

The fact that CS is crucial for Mooney Park has something to do with Serge Fehr.

The former CS Switzerland number 2 was responsible for the close partnership between the broker and Paradeplatz Bank.

This was based on the fact that Moneypark preferred to give its customers mortgages from Credit Suisse.

Fehr is now working for the competition, and UBS is examining all the “old problems” in computer science.