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Modder brings dragons to Tamriel in 16K

Modder brings dragons to Tamriel in 16K

From Alexander Nye
4K and 8K textures for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim already exist, and some of them come from modder Xilamonstrr. And now he’s taking it one step further by upgrading the strength of 16,000 RPG dragons. Only: Who needs a high definition fire vent? Xilamonstrr explains it himself.

Mod Xilamonstrr has already released some 4K and 8K mods for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. However, his eagle eyes seem to have enough 8K, because Xilamonstrr has now upgraded it 16K textures for an open world RPG Chest – Only for Tamriel Dragons. Basically, this does not make sense, at best, 1440p is set for gamers, and many gamers are still satisfied with Full HD. However, the dragons in Skyrim are formidable creatures, and as such they can span much more in strength than any other creature in the game.

The Dragon Wing has a size of 7380 x 4020 pixels

Xilamonstrr detailed his work on the Texture Pack (6K-8K Dragon Replacer Pack LE) page of the Nexus Mods page. The texture, now freed from compression defects, is said to have been originally available in 1K, 2K and 4K – its package has been increased to 4K, 8K and 16K accordingly. Xilamonstrr explains the reason for this as follows: “All resolutions listed are the maximum resolution and most texture files are twice their width. So the 16K version contains 8192 x 16384 files. The dragons are very large and I recommend you look up below which shows two sides of 8K files side by side, rather than the full 8K. When 16K, dragon wing size is 7380 x 4020 pixels, head is 3320 x 2480 pixels, whole back body and legs are only 6080 x 4580 pixels are fighting close up and want to see it in 4K, you need to have 16K dragon.”

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A total of four files are offered on the Dragon Body Lift Nexus Mod page. In addition to 16K decorations, there is also an 8K version available for download. There are also packages with 2K and 1K or 4K decorations for “mashed” or “baked potatoes” type computers. File sizes here range from 208.3 MB to 1.6 GB.

Source: via Eurogamer