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Mockery and malice for Bohlen's successor Florian Silberisen!

Mockery and malice for Bohlen’s successor Florian Silberisen!

What’s new with “DSDS”: Instead of Dieter Bohlen, now Florian Silberisen set the tone. However, this was not well received by all viewers.

The basics in brief

  • Good-tempered Florian Silberisen replaces Mut’s King Dieter Bohlen on ‘DSDS’.
  • Viewers blasphemed on Twitter: “This is no longer my DSDS.”

after being expelled Dieter Bohlen (67 years old) is now Florian Silberisen (40) at the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” office. The already successful superstar replaced the pop giant on last year’s theme shows, and is now an integral part of the jury.

From now on there will be no more hateful sayings – no one will be taken down anymore. Instead, he gives slave rulers. This only suits the viewers. employment Twitter The substance was: “Dieter, we miss you.”

There’s irritation: “They start with people who hit the right notes?” user wonders. Another asks: “Hassan DSDS wants to get away from trash and less shame on others. But do viewers want that too?”

for example Helen Fisher (37) Cold irony and malice. Someone writes: “This is so painful, so kind.”

And a second blows the same trumpet: “A jury doesn’t argue? It’s not my DSDS anymore.” A third mocks that because of the fluorescent, the grandmothers in particular marvel at the castings in front of the glass house.

What do you think of Florian Silbereisen on “DSDS”?

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