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Mobivention announces an alternative iOS app store for business customers

Mobivention announces an alternative iOS app store for business customers

With the upcoming release of iOS 17.4, Apple is allowing alternative app stores in the EU to comply with the Digital Markets Act (Swiss IT Magazine reported). Now German app developer Mobivention has introduced its own alternative app marketplace. In contrast to other alternative app stores – such as Ukrainian-Irish provider Setapp – Mobivention only deals with business customers. “The Mobivention App Marketplace is primarily aimed at enterprise customers looking for an alternative solution to distribute their applications,” the German company wrote in a statement.

When using Mobivention Marketplace, it does not matter whether companies have developed the applications themselves or have them developed by the service provider. The prerequisite for using the Mobivention offer is an Apple developer account.

Mobivention also sees larger companies that want to offer their own app marketplace for their apps as another target group. The Cologne-based company explains that the App Store is available to these companies as a white-label solution, with the option of being able to adapt it to individual needs.

The Digital Markets Act regulates EU standards for so-called gatekeeping services, that is, for large technology companies that manage core platform services such as search engines, app stores or messaging services. Apple's iOS App Store is a gatekeeper and Apple must comply with EU DMA regulations as of March 7, 2024. At this time, Mobivention is now launching the App Marketplace, which should be available on time. (Sama)