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MLW “Azteca Underground” Results Dallas, Texas, USA on 04/2022

MLW “Azteca Underground” Results Dallas, Texas, USA on 04/2022

Source: Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling “Azteca Underground”
Location: Gilly, Dallas, Texas, USA
Date: April 01, 2022

1. Competition
MLW Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Hustle & Power (EJ Nduka & Calvis Tankman) (c) won two local talents.

2. Competition
No banned competition
Cesar Duran Vs. Alex Hamerstone ended any match after an uncontrollable mess.
– Caesar Duran came to the ring with many of his assistants. He challenged Hammerstone to fight with only one hand. He agreed and was handcuffed with a chain in his hand.
– After the match officially started, Richard Holiday and Alicia Atout walked out. Holiday Low beats Hammerstone and hits the chair again and again. Duran enjoyed the scenery and listed further reinforcements for the person of Mats Kruger and King Muirtes. They beat the hammerstone until they saved Van Erich (Ross & Marshall von Eric).

Caesar Duran announces that Van Erix’s intervention will have consequences. So he sets up a trio match between Hammerstone and van Erichs against Holiday, Kruger and Muirtes.

2. Competition
MLW Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Singles competition
Octagon Jr. (c) defeated Matt Cross via backpack after a package pile driver.

For the following match, Calvis joins the Tankman commentators.

3. Competition
MLW National Openweight Championship
5-way competition
Alex Kane (c) defeated Puma King, ACH, Juicy Finaw and Myron Reid at a crossroads with the submission of Puma King.
– A masked man attacked Myron Reid and knocked him down.

After the match, Alex Kane confronts Calvis Tankman. EJ Nduka comes out in support of his tag team partner, but is ambushed by Tankman Can.

4. Competition
Singles competition
Davey defeated Richards Rivera (w / Jules Smox) behind the pile driver.

5. Competition
Six person tag team competition
Richard Holliday (w / Alicia Atout), King Muertes & Mads Krugger after a slam before the interruption of Alicia Outout by Richard Holiday by Alex Hammerston followed by The Von Erich (Ross & Marshall von Erich) by Alex Hammer.

Richard Holiday declared Texas “his country.” I want the fans to remember that he knitted the champion. He still has a little time to win the title.

6. Competition
Singles competition
Pandito defeated Flamita through the back after 21 plexes.

After the match, Pandito gives his teammate a handshake, but Flamita shows him the middle finger.

7. Competition
Singles competition
Holiday defeated Chick Dormonta through the back after Jay trained.

8. Competition
Lucha Trio Match
El Dragon, Microman & Aerostar defeated Strange Sangre (Mini Abyssino Negro, Arrays & DJP) via Microman Pin in Ares after a roll-in.

Singles competition
Casey Navarro defeated nZo through the back after Moon Salt in a squash match.

10. Competition
Mexican strap competition
Gino Medina grabbed his pants against Aramis and won by roll-in from the back.

LA Park could not compete today due to injury. Festia 666 took its place.

11. Competition
Azteca Apocalypto Competition
Jacob Fodu defeated Festia by 666 behind the Samoan drop.

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