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Mistletoe treatment for cancer: Study from US shows promising results Economics & Volkswagen News

Hamburg (ots) – In German-speaking countries, mistletoe treatment is a well-researched measure to better tolerate cancer treatment. The treatment is now being intensively researched in the USA: a study by Johns Hopkins University showed promising results.

The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is ranked the 8th most prestigious oncology center in the world.[1] This university completed a study on the use of mistletoe therapy and published it a few weeks ago. The safety of the treatment was examined in the first place. Patients with advanced cancer who had already received many conventional cancer treatments were treated. The mistletoe preparation used has been shown to be well tolerated up to the maximum dose reached. In addition, the researchers found indications that the quality of life and disease course could be improved in cancer patients. The researchers see good potential in the study results for further studies of mistletoe. An important step to enable American cancer patients to use mistletoe therapy with FDA approval. The fact that the study is feasible is down to the personal commitment of Ivelisse Page, who beat her cancer with the support of mistletoe therapy in 2008 – it was the first such treatment for a Johns Hopkins cancer center. Due to the positive experience, I started studying mistletoe in 2014 with the support of the non-profit organization “Believe Big” that Ivelisse Page founded. The organization supports people with cancer and funds projects through donations, like this undergraduate study.


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