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Mining homes and high electricity prices


Single family home in Nesslau SG, built to the Minergie standards.

Minergie Households are pioneers of sustainable living. 62.6 billion kWh of energy has been saved since its introduction 21 years ago.

The problem: The ventilation system of the Minergie buildings is electrically operated. This will be from next year Significantly more expensive. What does this mean for homeowners and renters who benefit from the Minergie standard?

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800,000 people in Minergie homes

“Of course, higher electricity prices are also affecting Minergie homeowners,” says Stefan Ishe (50), a building technology and energy expert from the HEV Homeowners Association. The extent of the strength depends on the size of the building and personal behavior.

About 800,000 people live in the Minergie House in Switzerland. Nearly half of Minergie’s approved buildings are apartment buildings and 25 percent are single-family homes.

What consumes the most energy?

Energy saving at home: What consumes the most energy?(01:12)

But that doesn’t mean Minergie homes use more energy than others. “Among other things, Minergie-certified buildings are better insulated than regular buildings,” explains Sabine von Stocker (44), a member of the Minergie board of directors. In this way, heating costs can be kept lower than in older, poorly insulated homes.