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Mini World Cup: Germany, Australia, France are favourites

Mini World Cup: Germany, Australia, France are favourites

Glenn’s elementary school students will battle for the world title on Sept. 23

Not only did Germany’s national team win the World Cup in Qatar in November/December, Klehner Elementary School also won the World Championship “Schwarz-Rod-Gold” title. Soccer players will have to wait until winter for their games, and around 130 players from the primary school in Glehan will already be playing their own “world championship” on September 23.

WM/EM, a joint project of the primary school, was organized by the association and the SV Glenn Now the “big” national competitions are being held for the seventh time. Eight boys and four girls teams from all grade levels compete against each other. After group formation, countries are now allocated to individual classes. The role of favorites is naturally older and the joy of the fourth grade girls is huge as the captain. Lena Zagat Germany got off the lottery wheel. Australia (4A) and France (4P) have been given the best opportunities for boys.

In the meantime was David Wallen And his team from the GGS Glehn association organized a number of coaches and supervisors to prepare fitness around the World Cup. It is important for organizers to involve children and parents as much as possible in the event. With success: Many kids who don’t want to step in front of the ball find a role on the team as a cheerleader, water carrier or team doctor. Many parents were also enthusiastic about the World Cup, taking on training activities as “national coaches”, organizing camps, designing jerseys and fan kits or rehearsing fan chants. Over the next two weeks, the anticipation for the World Cup will be palpable around the Kleiner Sportpark. If time permits, students may also like to deal with their assigned nation in their general studies.

The matches begin at 4pm, with the boys’ final scheduled for 7pm. A suitable schedule and various disadvantage compensations, a large number of players for an old goalkeeper or two young players, ensure that the younger teams also have a chance to win the tournament.