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Militia Parliament: The first vice president wants to shorten the lunch break for members of the national councils

Militia Parliament: The first vice president wants to shorten the lunch break for members of the national councils

Militia Parliament

The Senior Vice President wants to shorten the lunch break for members of the National Assembly

A fierce debate broke out over the efficiency and costs of the National Council and the Council of States. Now the National Assembly is calling for longer working days and shorter lunch breaks in order to make Parliament cheaper.


Mike Egger (SVP/SG) has called for a shorter lunch break for Parliament. Instead of two to three hours, he says, one hour should suffice.

20 minutes / Simon Glauser

  • In order to make Parliament more efficient, it needs longer sitting days and shorter lunch breaks. This is what the National Vice Presidential Council requires.

  • Parliament often takes a two-hour lunch break, which the National Assembly says is inefficient.

  • The Federal Council is also responsible. He brings a lot of deals to parliament, which hurts everyone.

around 130,000 francs per year He deserves to be a member of the National Council. Many people complain that they work almost full time for this. From the militia parliament, which is often cited in Sunday speeches, there is one in practice far cry, GLP leader Tiana Moser recently complained in “Tagesanzeiger”.

A shorter lunch break instead of more money!

Mike Egger, Senior Vice President of Rector St. Gallen, can’t understand it at all. He is now calling for shorter lunch breaks and longer sitting days rather than higher pay for parliamentarians. Specifically, it requires that the hearing day begin at seven in the morning and always last until seven in the evening. He hopes this will shorten the session from three weeks to two.

The lunch break, which currently takes about two to three hours, can also be reduced to just one hour. Parliamentarians will only use the extra lunch break “in any case to meet with lobbyists,” he said.

He also wants to hold the Federal Council accountable. In addition to many important transactions, this also brings more and more unnecessary things. So Egger does not understand why Parliament has to spend hours debating advertising bans, gender-appropriate spelling or departmental social media managers.

“These debates are a waste of parliament’s resources,” Egger says. In general, the Federal Council should leave more regulations to the cantons, there is a tendency in the state government to want to usurp a lot, says St. Galler, who wants to present his ideas as a proposal in the summer session. Just beginning.

The National Council of the Free Democratic Party demands that the march be stopped in the event of a flood

In this summer session, the National Assembly will hold its first debate session, which – despite the debate – should lead to more efficiency in Parliament. Aargau Matthias Jauslin (FDP) demands, among other things, that it “limit the number of advances per Council member per session”. Jocelyn should get support from Thomas Mater (SVP). Just a few weeks ago, he introduced a motion calling for a limit of 32 proposals per council member within four years.

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